Did Someone Say Edible Cookie Dough?

December 17, 2017

Yeah, we know. We had you at ‘edible cookie dough’ and that seems to be where most everyone’s ears start to perk up. It’s at about the very same point where the brain starts to fire signals to other parts of your body. They go in the following sequence: stomach, taste buds, eyes. The stomach starts to crave the edible cookie dough as the taste buds cause you to salivate and your eyes race around searching madly for the cure for that craving.

But what’s the big deal about edible cookie dough? Well, let’s take a closer look:

1 – It’s Our Childhood Dream Come True

 How many times did you hang around your mother in the kitchen with hopes of getting some cookie dough to snack on? Same here. Only Mom was a real stickler on not spoiling our dinner with raw cookie dough that we really shouldn’t have been snacking on in the first place. But now, edible cookie dough is all the rage. It’s turned dessert time into fun time all over again. It’s as if the world was just discovering dessert. Wow! You mean, you get something sweet to eat after your main meal has been completed? Count me in!

2 – This Is Not Your Mom’s Cookie Dough

 Maybe it may taste like it, but in order to be safe to eat – and carry that all important word edible – edible cookie dough is not the kind of cookie dough you use to bake cookies. Confused yet? The main difference is that there is a missing ingredient. Eggs. Without eggs in the cookie dough, you pretty much have rendered the recipe null and void for use in the oven. Oh, and the flour is not your standard bag of flour, either. It’s specially treated. However, as we live in an age of recycling and repurposing, this cookie dough it perfect for eating as a dessert. Seriously. Scoop it, dip it or sprinkle it then eat it.

 3 – Forget Flavors, Think Actual Recipes

 Okay, we know. We said that edible cookie dough is essentially a dessert that does not become a plate full of cookies. We said that without eggs the recipe is sort of like decaffeinated coffee for those who crave – or are addicted to – a regular jolt of caffeine. However, there are recipes that can be found all over the internet and better book stores that include pretty freakin’ awesome edible cookie dough recipes. This is not your standard 31 flavors of ice cream. Edible cookie dough is a whole lot more than that while still staying in the confines of being classified as a dessert.

 Try It Yourself, You’ll Never Look At Cookie Dough The Same Again

 We mean this. Just be sure you are using edible cookie dough and not baking cookie dough for your dessert or midday treat. It’s one of those things that you can’t really appreciate until you get some on your lips and tongue. Then it’ll happen all over again. Your brain will send out signals to various other parts of your body such as your taste buds and stomach. Only this time around the signals won’t be panicky.





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